Work Africa offers a career advice service for scholars,

job seekers and companies.


Scholars: The self assessment is designed to, through

a series of questions, help identify your career path.

It offers a career mapping service, showing which

careers are suited to you. This function also provides

the scholar with a choice of universities and courses

which match these outcomes.


Job Seekers: The self assessment can show

job seekers which direction they should follow on

their career path. It also shows whether they are people

orientated, numbers proficient etc.


Companies: The self assessment can assist in identifying

potential high achievers in different fields of the

company. It can also be of benefit when recruiting,

promoting and placing staff within the organization.


This assessment is web based and can be done from

the comfort of your own home. Our software is currently

being improved and further tested.


For further information, or to schedule an assessment.


Please contact us telephonically or via email: info@workafrica.co.za