Work Africa has Highly Skilled Professionals, including a

highly experienced Labour Consultant, to help you with

all your Human Resource problems and queries.


What is HR outsourcing?

“HR outsourcing” can be defined as the delegation of

one or more business processes to an external provider,

who then owns, manages and administers the selected



Potential benefits of HR Outsourcing:


•Reduced cost.

•Increased efficiency.

•Improved people management information.

•Access to HR expertise not available internally

•Increased flexibility and speed of response to HR


•Reduced risk as it is possible to scale up and down

more efficiently.

•HR resources can operate more strategically.



Work Africa offers comprehensive HR Functions, including

Performance Management, Hearings, Contracts, CCMA,

Labour relations and day to day HR management information.

The aim of this division is to assist our clients with their time

consuming and problematic HR responsibilities.

Should you be a subscribing client to Work Africa apart from

having access to highly skilled and experienced Labour

consultants, you would have access to our interactive website,

offering insight into general HR queries, previous cases

pertaining to these HR queries, updated legislation, and a guide

to understanding general HR legislation and practices.

This interactive website allows our clients to have access to the

information needed in dealing with day to day queries at the

click of a button.


We offer full HR coverage at highly competitive rates.

Let Work Africa assist you with the legalities of Human Resources

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