Work Africa has a database of potential temporary staff.

Temporary staff can be used by companies in the event

of stock takes, emergencies, maternity leaves or other

extended leave of regular staff. The availability of

temporary staff can greatly influence the ability of

companies to continue running smoothly, when

unforeseen extended absences occur or when workload

increases for short periods of time.


Work Africa also offers outsourced Labour Requirements.


What does Outsourced Labour mean?


When outsourcing Labour, the provider (Work Africa)

would take over certain functions within your business

by providing and placing employees in the needed

functions. These employees would be managed and

paid as Work Africa employees, thus eliminating Labour

issues which may arise.


We have a database of prospective candidates which can be

outsourced into your company to provide skills as needed in

the various areas.


To note: Legislation is being reviewed on the outsourced

Labour service. Work Africa as a professional service provider

is keeping abreast of all changes and will keep our clients

informed of any changes made. There is no agreed new

legislation on the table regarding this at present. At Work Africa

we believe that the employment opportunities offered by the

outsourcing of labour will probably result in better controls in this

sector, it is unlikely that outsourcing labour will be completely

outlawed. The benefits to business and the worker will be hard

to ignore.


For all temporary or Outsourced Labour requirements, please

contact us telephonically or email us at info@workafrica.co.za